044 In Calais, inside an old “cash and carry” of beers ,which is abandoned since years and called “Beer house” by its inhabitants, living about 150 and 200 hundred migrants from Sudan, Chad, Syria, Eritrea, Somalia, Palestine…)

They have  found a shelter there since almost a year. It’s been some time that the authorities want to close this place and the eviction is really near ( a matter of days).

The inhabitants wanted to express their non-understanding of the situation and their fear of loosing even the last peaces a human live. With the eviction of the beerhouse the authorities would reach a new level of violation against humanity.

The people from the beer house explaining their situation themselves like that:

“ The life is hard in “Beer house”, there is no shower, no toilets, no electricity, no water, no food. We can only eat what Salam gives to us and it is only one meal a day. When the winter will come, it’s going to be very cold and we will a lot of diseases. Besides, We can’t even wash our clothes.

We live like dogs while we are human beings. Even dogs have a roof and food to eat in Europe and treated better than us. They live in a house and us amongst the garbage.

Despites those conditions, we have accepted this situation, and now they want to withdraw from us the small thing we have? Here, we died already one time, and, by putting us in the street, they are going to kill us again. What are the police and the government are going to do for us if we are in the street?

Are they going to help us ?

We are not seeking to condem France but to lights up our inhumane living conditions and to call for help to live at least under human conditions.”

About fifty of us are asylum seekers or are willing to become one.

Some of us are waiting since two years in Calais without any answer from the government and a place to stay, while other are waiting in the streets for the first asylum interview for months.

We don’t have access to a house or a center for asylum seekers. We would just be put in a “foyer” which are like jails with strict rules and no freedom. Under such conditions the french government is forcing us to ask for asylum in England.”

This is the case for most of the inhabitants of the beer house. Put under pressure and fear, caused from the coming eviction. People hurry to cross to England and taking by that even all the risk. For example fourteen people tried to cross in a truck full with
chemical products where they almost choked.

The « beer house » inhabitants would like «the whole world”, to worry about their living conditions, the eviction and its consequences.