Ama Sumani, the Ghanaian mother of two, deported in January whilst receiving cancer treatment at University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff, died on the 19th March. By denying her the drugs she needed and the support people were willing to give, the Border and Immigration Agency (BIA) are guilty of no less than culpable homicide.

This case not only shows a total lack of compassion, it suggests a vindictive cruelty in the methodology of the BIA. It is horrific that someone receiving treatment vital to their survival can be removed from hospital against their will. What is chilling is that this is the operational practice of a government funded executive agency.

Ama Sumani’s situation was described by the chief executive of the BIA, Lin Homer, as “not exceptional”. There is a huge number of migrants being denied medical care and treatment in the UK. A number that is only set to rise.

The article appeared in Gagged! #23.