Kemi Ayinde is a 24 year old woman from Nigeria who was trafficked to the UK seven years ago and forced to work in London as a prostitute.

Taiwo Salami is her partner, also from Nigeria with whom she has an 18 month old daughter Yasmin Salami. The family’s claim for asylum has been refused and they were snatched from their home in Cardiff on 17th June 2008 are are currently being detained in Yarlswood Detention Centre. Their removal is scheduled for Tuesday 1st July on a British Airways flight.

Kemi is 5 months pregnant and is experiencing complications, not able to stand up without holding onto something. Her 18 month daughter is suffering a painful skin complaint. The family have not received appropriate medical care whilst in detention. They also haven’t received the anti-malaria immunisation they are entitled to in order to go this region.

Please use this model letter to fax or e-mail the Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith: Fax: 020 8760 3132 E-mail: jacqui.smith@homeoffice.gov.uk

and use this model letter to fax or e-mail the British Airways chief executive, Willie Walsh: Fax: 020 8759 4314 Email: willie.walsh@ba.com

Please take a few minutes to help this family. Thank you.